Friday, September 18, 2015

September 2015 - Canine Companions for Independence

Hello all!

Our little club had a great speaker this month.  Now, perhaps you locals have heard about an event coming up this fall.  November 8, 2015 to be exact.  Dogfest is coming to the Bay!

Dogfest is a fundraising and fun having event to be held on USF campus.  There is a walk, there will be music, games, vendors - it is surely gearing up to be something else!

Now back to little old us - we had the delight of hearing Mr. Mort Stone talk about Canine Companions for Independence and the great things they do.

  Did you know that a person deemed eligible for one of dogs does not have to pay for this dog or his or her training?  I assure you, there is quite extensive training, both for the dog and the recipient!

Mr. Stone demonstrated what Oscar can do, and wowed us all with the delicate operations this amazing pup performs!

He could pick up change off the floor if needed.  Can you just see a dog, and Oscar was a Labrador or a Lab mix, picking up a dime off the floor?   And this is only the start!

We donated some food and some funds to Mort's account on the fund raising side.

In encourage you to come out for Dog Fest!  It is sure to have something amazing to see or hear.