Wednesday, June 26, 2024

2024 Mother's Day Chari-Tea Fundraiser

 Once again, it was time for tea! The GFWC Pasco Juniors provided an amazing afternoon for ladies (and a gentlemen or two) to enjoy as a fundraiser for two local Girl Scout Troops in Pasco County. The fundraiser was full of smiles as yummy food was provided to enjoy and opportunity baskets were won, along with extra Girls Scout Cookies to take home. 

Join us for our next major fundraiser, Dog Days of Summer Bunco happening on August 25th at 2pm. Click Here Get your Tickets Now!

Giving A Gift Is Always A Gift

For several years now, the GFWC Pasco Juniors have been able to provide a small gift for the children at Sunrise of Pasco's shelter to give on Mother's Day. Sunrise of Pasco is our local domestic and sexual abuse shelter that provides resources and a place to stay for individuals and families that are escaping an abusive situation. They provide a temporary, safe place to stay as these women and children find their way onto the next chapter of their life.

The children in that stay with their mother's in the shelter often do not get to go shopping outside of necessities. So, the GFWC Pasco Juniors bring an activity to them. Many pieces of jewelry have been donated over the years from which the children can choose as a gift for their mom. Along with a few accessories, each child has the opportunity to make a card to share their love and appreciation through this trying time. 

Jewelry selection                 Hand Made Cards from each Child                       Volunteer helping wrap a gift

Want to find out how you can get involved in activities like this? Follow the GFWC Pasco Juniors on Facebook to find out which events and activities are coming up next.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Pinwheels For Prevention Fundraiser for Family Support Services of Pasco and Pinellas


In 2008, Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign. What their research showed was that people respond positively to pinwheels, which represent childlike whimsy and lightheartedness. Their vision is for a world where all children grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed in supportive families and communities.

 Family Support Services of Pasco and Pinellas Counties have that same vision. FSS is the lead agency for foster care, adoption, and family preservation in Pasco and Pinellas Counties. When families struggle, whether financially, physically or emotionally, it’s important that they be connected to services and supporters in our community without feeling stigmatized. FSS understands and has a community of partners who are ready to help. 

 Family preservation is a community effort to provide short-term resources and services when a family is faced with challenge and crisis. FSS helps families get back on track. Families referred by the Florida Department of Children and Families receive assistance through a series of programs and case management sessions that help keep children at home and avoid foster care. They do everything possible to keep a child at home, but when separation is necessary, they help ensure that it’s a temporary solution, eventually leading back to family reunification when it’s in the best interest of the child. 

You can support this local organization and its Community Partners through the GFWC Pasco Junior Woman’s Club’s 2024 Pinwheels for Prevention Fundraiser for Prevent Child Abuse, Florida. The Pasco Juniors will be “planting” a pinwheel garden in Wesley Chapel to raise awareness of Child Abuse Awareness Month (April). 

Help Our Garden Grow
Proceeds from every donation help support FSS and their community Partners to provide care for children and teens in need. Sponsor additional pinwheels to be “planted” in the garden with a shout out on our Facebook Community Page as an individual, family, or business. 

Donate Now

 Know that your donation makes a difference in a local child’s life.

Keeping Pasco Beautiful

 March 2nd was designated as the Great American Clean Up Day for 2024. Across the nation, groups of individuals gathered in local parks, community area, and along roadways to pick up litter and dispose of it properly. With supporting the efforts of Keep Pasco Beautiful, the GFWC Pasco Juniors had several members join a group that cleaned up along Collier Parkway in Land O'lakes and Lutz. 

With our help, our streets and parking lots are a little cleaner and the planet is a little happier. 

Find out how you can give back by joining the next activity of the Pasco Juniors by visiting their Facebook Page.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Record Breaking Clothing Swap To Start The New Year

This year’s first clothing swap was held at the Land O’Lakes library, and was a major success! With heavier foot traffic and public awareness of the free clothing exchange, the club collected well over a thousand pieces of clothing. A majority of the items were donated to Sunrise of Pasco, our local domestic abuse shelter and resource center. Volunteers from a local Faith in Action team collected many of the men’s clothing items and blankets for the local homeless individuals in Pasco. And, one of our members collected several formal wear items that will be donated to the Cinderella and Prince Charming Project of Pasco.

Our efforts were reported in the Tampa Beacon Newspaper. Check It Out!

The next clothing swap will be held at the Land O’Lakes Library sometime in late spring. Follow our Facebook page for dates to come!

Thursday, March 14, 2024

New Year, New Project

Arts and Culture have always been a main pillar of the General Federation Of Women’s Clubs. The Pasco Juniors decided to participate in an international project that has really excelled since 2020. 

Mural Mosaics offers the opportunity to make something unique and be part of the “bigger picture”. The magnificently enormous murals are painted by individual across the nation, and then digitally, precisely placed into a final installment that is on permanent display. Its concept has flourished outside of its original Canadian roots, and become an international project, bring people from all walks of life together in one beautiful piece of artwork.


The members of the Pasco Juniors got together to enjoy each other's company and get creative with their chosen color scheme canvases. Members of all skill levels participated and will be part of a national display. The project was shared with other woman’s clubs in our district to encourage additional participation in this ongoing program.

Find out more about this Mural Mosaic Project Here.

Breakfast With Santa For A Great Cause

The Pasco Juniors had a great end to 2023. With a successful Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser, the club was able to sponsor 4 children I need from a local title 1 school along with several additional angels chosen from individual members. In addition, the club was able to make a $300 donation to the Sean Bartell Memorial Foundation which supports Wesley Chapel High School graduating seniors with scholarships.

This year’s Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser was featured in the Lutz Laker Newspaper. Check it out!