Thursday, June 29, 2023

A Small Blessing In Every Bag

At their June General Meeting, The GFWC Pasco Junior Woman's Club members gathered to get an update from Leona Wells about the services provided by Metropolitan Ministries. Starting from a collaboration of 13 churches in the Tampa, Florida, Metro Min has grown larger every year in the number of families assisted and volunteer hours provided. After 51 years, they now have 3 different outreach centers locations in the area; Dade City, Holiday, and Downtown Tampa. According to United Way, 56% of people in Pasco County are asset limited/income constrained, meaning they are employed people who are still at risk of becoming homeless. 

Metro Min's outreach centers provide guidance and services to public resources in the area to connect these individuals or families with support that can assist with their need. In addition to the outreach centers, the 2 of their campuses also house 300 families every night that are under their care for midterm shelter. Their program averages a 6-8 month stay while undergoing counseling and educational programs to transition these families out of homelessness and into a stable living situation with an 89% success rate.

Another program that Metro Min provides in the area is their Pasco Metro BrigAIDe. This mobile unit provides support to the homeless that are in Pasco County and not currently in a midterm shelter. The GFWC Pasco Juniors assembled 100 blessing bags filled with essentials for the Metro BrigAIDe. In an assembly line style, the members grabbed a reusable bag and started to fill it with hygiene essentials, snacks, and reusable food utensils. These bags will be distributed throughout Pasco County to give a little "blessing" to each who receives one.

A Huge Thank You to all who donated items for our 100 Blessing Bags!
The Cleaning Pros
Lucas, Macyszyn, and Dyer Law Firm
Florida Department of Health
Connerton Dental Care
GFWC Blue Umbrella Club
Morningstar Storage in Wesley Chapel

Monday, June 12, 2023

Chari-Tea Fundraiser For The LYN Fund

 A few weeks ago, the GFWC Pasco Juniors hosted their second annual Mother's Day Chari-Tea Fundraiser. The ladies enjoyed a proper tea with food and additional winnings all around. This year's fundraiser benefited The LYN Fund which provides up to $5,000 in financial assistance to anyone undergoing treatment for a woman related cancer in Pinellas or Pasco County. 

The GFWC Pasco Juniors will be able to make a donation of over $1,000 in June.
Thank you for joining us!

A big thank you to our sponsors:
Costco of Lutz
Texas Roadhouse of Wesley Chapel
Elizabeth Schoppman with Hibiscus and Palms
Beth Reed with 31 Gifts

For more information about The LYN Fund, please visit

Mother's Day Gift For Families In Need

In a small complex in Pasco County, Sunrise of Pasco Domestic and Sexual Abuse shelter is called a temporary home for several dozen women and their families. The GFWC Pasco Junior strive to support this organization throughout the year. Once activity that the Juniors have been providing for several years, is the opportunity for any children at the shelter to pick out jewelry for their mom and create a handmade card for Mother's Day. This year, several children took advantage of the opportunity to pick out something special without any cost to their family. Although it's a small item, mother's always cherish something that is picked out by their children and wrapped with love.

To find out more about Sunrise of Pasco, visit