Friday, August 27, 2021

Validating A Child's Living Transition With A Simple Donation

Everyday there are children, right here in the Tampa Bay Area that are forced out of their current living situations and into a whirlwind of foster homes, social workers, and unwanted emotions. For these children they are often picked up from a deemed "unhealthy" situation and told to grab their belongings in five minutes, often shoving items into a garbage bag. 

Children know that trash goes into a garbage bag. Subconsciously, they are throwing their most prized possessions away as their lives are being uprooted. Take a moment to think about what that impact has on a child, and how it will remain with them for the remainder of their lives.

Although the process of removing a child from this inadequate situation can not be changed, Luggage of Love is trying to provide suitcases and luggage bags to these children to lessen that overwhelming pain. They may not realize the difference now, as a young child, but when they are older, they will remember that social worker handing them a sturdy bag to protect their few prized possessions and giving them validation on their transition. 

The Pasco Juniors have collected 30 bags of all shapes and sizes to support these children and plans to continue collecting throughout the year. 

If you have donations for Luggage of Love, please contact Chairperson, Danielle Carr, at

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Much Needed School Supplies Donated To Local Title I School, Pasco Elementary

 Each year there are children that show up on the first day of school without a backpack or any supplies. For these Title I school students, the families may not be able to afford these necessary items for their child's success. Instead of having to worry about materials for school, the Pasco Juniors collected items from the Pasco Elementary School supplies list to provide for these children.

404 #2 Lead Pencils, 287 Erasers, 140 Mechanical Pencils, 102 Spiral Notebooks, 94 Markers, 81 Glue Sticks, 70 Pens, 43 Composition Books, 39 Post It Notes, 31 Boxes of Colored Pencils, 30 Folders, 26 Tissue Boxes, 25 Hand Sanitizers, 25 Pencil Boxes, 24 Packs of Loose Leaf Paper, 22 Water Bottles, 21 Boxes of Crayons, 20 Earbuds, 20 Expo Markers, 16 Scissors, 9 Packs of Disinfectant Wipes, 4 Backpacks, 4 Highlighters, 4 Pencil Bags & 1 Pencil Sharpener