Friday, October 29, 2021

New Shoes; For many children, a step in the right direction.

Remember when the light up sneakers came out? or the newest Air Jordans? What about the long laced Converse? No matter what generation or social circle you were part of as a kid, it always seems to come down to who had the coolest, newest shoes. 

For too many children across America, they have never received a NEW pair of shoes, just for them. Studies have shown that when children have uncomfortable shoes, that don't fit them correctly or even are falling apart, they are less likely to pay attention in school, or even attend at all. These children feel like they'll be bullied for their lack of style, or simply are in physical pain because of their improperly fitted hand-me-downs.

Candice Postel, the 2020-2021 GFWC Florida Junior Women's Club President, is on a mission to change this unhealthy situation for so many children across Florida. Her President's Project during her two year term, Kicks for Kids, has provided thousands of pairs of shoes and socks to children of all ages, sizes, and nationalities across the state of Florida. With these new shoes, kids get a boost of confidence to attend and even pay attention in school to better their futures.

At our October General Meeting, the Pasco Juniors invited Candice to talk about her project and collected shoes and socks from our members. Just from this meeting, our club was able to collect 41 pairs of shoes and 103 pairs of socks that were donated to Pasco Elementary School's student clothes closet.